Herzing and The GEO Group

Every day, employees of The GEO Group play a pivotal role in making the community safe. Herzing University is grateful for all you do and we want to thank you for your service. We have created an exclusive program called our Badge To Grad scholarship program, designed to help law enforcement professionals like you maximize your career potential.

Badge-to-Grad Scholarship

All personnel that work at a correctional facility are eligible to receive this scholarship*:

Scholarship For Most UndergraduatePrograms Nearly


(Tuition approximately $310/credit)

Scholarship For Most Graduate Programs Nearly


(Tuition approximately $500/credit)

Programs in the following areas are eligible for a 10% scholarship: Nursing (including Nursing RN-BSN programs), Surgical Tech, Massage Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Dentistry, Medical Lab Tech, and Tech Academy.

Credit for Approved Academy Training

Police & Sheriffs   Herzing University will grant up to 32 undergraduate semester credit hours to your Public Safety program for your academy training. To qualify, the state or federally approved law enforcement academy must qualify the graduate to become a sworn peace officer in the jurisdiction or agency supported by the academy. Official documentation must be provided by the student showing the approved program was completed in its entirety. Credit may be granted towards programs other than Public Safety, but the total number of credits awarded will depend on the number of electives available within the program.
Corrections/Detention   College credit may be awarded for corrections and detention officer training depending on the structure of the training through your state.
EMT/Paramedics   Herzing University will grant up to 47 undergraduate semester credit hours for EMT/Paramedic certification. A valid, current copy of a state license must be provided to receive the credit recommendation. To receive credit, the license must be from (1) a NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) approved state or (2) the state must require EMT training to be held at a CoAEMSP accredited institution.
Firefighters   National Fire Academy courses have been evaluated by ACE (American Council on Education). Herzing University can review National Fire Academy Training for direct transfer credit into a degree program and will provide a FREE non-committal evaluation of NFA training for prospective students.
Probation/Parole   College credit may be awarded for probation and parole officer training depending on the structure of the training through your state.


Additional Benefits

  • 10% Tuition Scholarship for Immediate Family Members
    All employees of the GEO Group that do not work at a correctional facility or are part of Geo Care are eligible for a 10% tuition reduction scholarship on all Herzing University’s undergraduate and graduate programs. This can help you stretch the education benefits you have through the GEO Group. This is also available to your immediate family.
  • No Application or Enrollment Fees
  • Free Non-Committal Evaluations of Prior Learning

Badge-to-Grad Scholarship Eligibility

The student must:

  1. Be a certified public safety professional (police officer, deputy, corrections officer, EMT/paramedic, dispatch, firefighter, parole, probation, detention)
  2. If choosing to use federal financial aid, the student agrees not to borrow more than the cost of tuition and fee expenses
  3. Answer a short essay questions: "How will I use my degree from Herzing University to advance my career in public safety?"